Saturday sight: The Rooms in St. John’s

At the very top in St. John’s, Newfoundland you find a cathedral and to its left The Rooms museum and art gallery. When inside the museum, it offers a near panoramic view of the harbour. Pride in identity is strong here.

Saturday sight: Newhart’s Inn

While in Vermont, the Waybury Inn is a nice hour-long country drive away from Burlington. The inn was the inspiration for Bob Newhart’s Stratford Inn on Newhart. Its pub was also guarded by a moose.

Beothuk sites in Newfoundland

The Beothuk were the aboriginal people of the island of Newfoundland. It’s said that they have been extinct since around 1820. However, the story in my family (originating from my maternal grandfather’s grandmother who identified as Métis with a Beothuk and French heritage) was that after many massacres the Beothuk feared for their lives, so ...

Saturday sight: All heart

On the way out to a friend from Edmonton’s place in Newfoundland, drove through Heart’s Content. A sort distance away was Heart’s Desire. Just as I was driving away wondering whether there is a rivalry between the two towns, stumbled upon Heart’s Delight.

Sunday sight: Québec countryside 2

One of my favourite things to do – no matter what country I find myself in – is to explore nature. Last weekend, while on a trip out to a convent in Sherbrooke, QC, I was completely taken aback at the beauty of the countryside. It’s so different from the farm land where I grew up in ...

I’m tired of hating people

After this week’s events this video about peace from the son of a terrorist is a good reminder that hate can be broken. When Zak Ebrahim revealed to his mom that he would not follow in his father’s footsteps, her reply gave Ebrahim the confidence he could change his own trajectory. She said: “I’m tired of hating people.”

Saturday sight: Words vs pictures

I’ve been wanting to go back to this stream for a while. Found just off Avoca and St. Clair Avenue in Toronto, it’s especially beautiful near the water after a snowfall because the banks make it challenging for people to get down to it. A couple dogs made it down effortless though across the water shortly after ...

What about our oil addiction?

Imagine if you could tell an alcoholic or a drug addict, “just stop using” and she would. Not likely, but we sort of expect it with consumer energy use and corporate interests. We value living in a society that allows for traveling, moving around cities, having cheap stuff and just doing lots and lots of ...

Twitter Canada + coding at #digitaledu

On Nov. 26, 2014, the Foundations and Advanced classes in the UofTSCS Certificate in Digital Strategy & Communications Management welcomed three guest speakers: Brad Furtney and Natasha Polivka of Twitter Canada to talk Twitter Linn Øyen Farley to teach us some code Below are a couple slideshows of the highlights. [View the story “Coding @ #digitaledu” on ...

Sunday sight: Merry moose

A family gift from a few years back that gained momentum has meant people regularly send me moose. The most recent were a couple friends sending me pictures of a chocolate moose cake and of a threesome of real moose in a back yard. Sadly, here in Toronto we’re unlikely to see real moose because we’re too far ...