Anything is possible <> tout est possible

It’s written all over our beautiful city of Toronto. The first time I spotted the French words inscribed somewhere was on a trail next Alexander Muir Memorial Park (author of The Maple Leaf Forever).

"Tout est possible" near Alexander Muir  Park

“Tout est possible” near Alexander Muir Park

When I saw it last year, it caught my eye more than any other graffiti because it was out of place, but also so perfect in its placement with nothing else around to distract.

Écrit en français, it made me wonder if the individual responsible spoke French or just thought it was prettier to say it in French – the same way people get tattoos in languages they don’t speak.

Attending French Toronto Meetups, you quickly get a sense of the diversity of French accents not only from individuals across Canada, but also around the world living here – especially from places like Syria, Lebanon and most of Africa. So this person may in fact speak French.

And one day he or she felt compelled to permanently etch that phrase as a reminder.

Then a little further on that walk I spotted it again.

tout est possible

A few months later, while on an organized nature walk (ironically that went through Mount Pleasant Cemetery – where Alexander Muir, author of The Maple Leaf Forever is buried), I spotted another “tout est possible” this time behind Evergreen Brick Works.

This year I’ve also seen it written on a trail that crosses Pottery Road and on a bridge really close to it.

This person is clearly leaving a mark, one which people are noticing. (Note the difference in language interpretation: “tout” can mean either “anything” or “everything.” Getting lost in translation is also possible.)

"Tout est possible" at Evergreen Brick Works

“Tout est possible” at Evergreen Brick Works

"Tout est possible" on a bridge on Pottery Road

“Tout est possible” on a bridge on Pottery Road

2 reminders for survival including "tout est possible"

2 reminders for survival including “tout est possible”

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