Cheers to vulnerability & changing my mind

This year has been one of the most challenging and fun that I’ve had in about 10 years – both personally and professionally. It started on new year’s day and it’s still unfolding.

Of course, at Thanksgiving we all give thanks for those we love. Life’s not worth living without them and I keep all those who I adore close to me. (I hope they feel it because I’m bad at saying it.)

But this year two things have really stood out for which I’m thankful: vulnerability and changing my mind.

A handful of individuals in my life started with a bad first impression, but ultimately were individuals that I became close to or held in high regard.

Earlier this year, I was getting reprimanded daily by someone who I didn’t know. Because I already felt I was giving the situation more than my all,  every time I’d think to myself “who is this guy?!”

In the end, the situation was figured out but I became curious about the person behind the situation. My respect grew for this person as I got to know him, later understanding his motive behind my daily reprimand.

Then one day, he showed me his vulnerability through words. It completely caught me off guard, but in that moment my respect was at an all time high for him (still is today). (Like the vulnerability and shame that Brené Brown studies – especially in men. Real heroes are human.)

Anyway, I’m just so grateful that I didn’t settle on my first impression. Silly biases continue to fail me.

At the same time, against my own judgement, I started watching Chelsea on Netflix.

Chelsea Handler was probably like all the other sensationalist media stuff.

In fact, she’s incredibly smart, self-deprecating and talks about how she’s gotten more comfortable with her own self. And she has compelling chats with people like Amy Schumer, Gloria Steinhem  and  scientists. (Three types that go incredibly well together.)

There’s magic in the ability to change your own mind. It’s led to a few recent decisions that completely freak me out, but I’m eternally thankful for that too.

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