It’s all possible, no reminder needed

A couple years ago I had written about some graffiti I was seeing in a bunch of places. 

It’s “Tout est possible,” meaning “Anything is possible” or “Everything is possible” — depending on how you want to translate it from French.

I’ve been reading The Moth – which is a book of 50 true life stories without a pretty little bow on each, which may be why I was thinking about this particular story. 

Today, I walked by the last two spots of the graffiti pictured in the post I wrote two years ago. 

The last one is painted over and the second last one is barely there.

Last year a Radio-Canada journalist interviewed me about the graffiti. 

When I was telling a colleague about the interview, he laughed out loud when I told him she asked me if I had done it. “Like you’re moonlighting as a graffiti artist?!” he said. 

I guess even that’s possible. (Maybe not now that I’ve outed myself.)

I think when I wrote the post I was already at “don’t I fucking know it,” in believing anything is possible. 

The fading graffiti though now makes me feel more than ever that I want to know the person(s)’ story who did it. I highly suspect that person isn’t around in this city anymore though because there are seemingly no new markings. 

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