You are a white girl

“You are a white girl.”‘It’s a line I’ve been hearing a lot in the last few years. And for some, born and raised in North American compared to other parts of the world are different (i.e. they aren’t considered white, like me I guess). I don’t understand.

Uncomfortable words. 

And then there’s this video that was shared with me a few weeks that made me feel sick. 

Biases and stereotypes run deep. Generations and centuries in fact.

May be why the current US President-elect, who has fathered 5 children from 3 different women is not judged for that. 

Yet if Barack Obama had, or if Hilary Clinton mothered 5 kids from 3 different fathers, it’d likely be a different story.‚Äč

This video is disturbing, but should be watched.  

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